Copper Powder – 99,999%

Ultradisperse copper powder Cu63/Cu65 purity 99,999%

The Sum of impurities in Copper Powder (Mg, Al, Ti, Fe, Ni, Zn, Mo, Cd, Sb) is no more than 0.001% wt. The purity of copper powder is 99.999% wt, it was calculated as the difference between 100% and Sum of Impurities. The list of impurities corresponds to TU 1793-011-50316079-2004.

It is used to expand the functions and resource capabilities of many equipment structures. Ultrafine Copper Powder is used by MLCC, plating, magnetic mineral, rechargeable batteries, friction materials, diamond tools and major industries such as Energy, Military, Medical Transportation, and Construction.

Stored in Zurich ”Safe Free Port” The quantity available is approximately One (1) ton for the first lift and we can deliver 10 tons per month.

FOB Geneva

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