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Jet A1 is a widely used aviation fuel. Its casual name is kerosene. Professionals value it highly because it enables the aircraft to get the maximum energy with a minimum fuel load. Due to its outstanding heat output, it increases flight autonomy. It is exceptionally resistant to cold. Even at the highest altitudes, it will not crystallize. Thanks to its thermal and storage stability, it reduces the risks of the fuel’s deterioration.

The Ingredients of Jet A1

It consists of light petroleum that was thoroughly refined. Very small amounts of additives are added to the substance after refining. These additives carry out the following functions.

  • Prevent the fuel from becoming electrically charged.
  • Prevent deposits from forming in the turbine.
  • Do not allow the fuel to ignite uncontrollably.
  • Get rid of the organisms that otherwise would have grown in the fuel.

Plus, certain additives serve as the basis for the above-mentioned frost resistance. At cruising altitude, the air temperature might drop below -30°C. Jet A1 does not freeze in such an environment. Its maximum freezing point is -47°C and its minimum flashpoint is +38°C.

The Usage of Jet A1

This fuel is suitable for most types of jet aircraft. Since the demand for it is steadily high on an international level, it is subject to strict quality specifications. In particular, it meets the following standards.

  • DEF STAN 91-91
  • ASTM D1655
  • NATO F-35

Jet A1 is considered the optimal fuel for the most modern aircraft and the primary fuel for jet turbine engines. General aviation representatives purchase it for compatible diesel engine planes as well. Its usage is normally limited to civic aviation. However, NATO military aircraft rely on the JP-8 fuel (this abbreviation stands for Jet Propellant 8). It resembles Jet A1 to a great extent but contains more special additives.

  • From 1,000,000 Barrels up to 10,000,000 Barrels per contract per month
  • FOB Rotterdam, Houston & Fujairah
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